Flagpole Accessories and Parts

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  • Gray Vinyl Snaphook Cover

    Snaphook Cover

    Vinyl Snaphook Covers Protects the snaphooks for longer wear. Keeps the snaphooks from banging against the flagpole.

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  • White, Bronze, Silver, Black Non-Wire Halyard

    Halyard Rope Cut to Length

    Choose your color Polyester Halyard. White, Silver, Bronze and Black The length of halyard (rope) should be twice the height of your flagpole (cut to length per feet). Know the diameter of your halyard when ordering. If the diameter is too big for the...

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  • Halyard Spool

    Halyard Rope Spools

    For External Halyard Flagpoles. Know the diameter of your halyard when ordering. If the diameter is too big for the pulley it will fray pretty fast. 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" Non-wire center - recommended for any use Wire Center - This is mainly used if...

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  • Gold Finish Aluminum Ball Top for Commercial Flagpoles

    Aluminum Ball Top

    Choose your color, Gold, Clear, Satin, Bronze, Black, or White.  We do carry Eagles for the flagpoles but we do not recommend them. The flags get caught on the Eagles and shreds the flag pretty quickly. The ball top should be the same size as the...

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  • Cast Aluminum Cleat for Commercial Flagpoles

    Aluminum Cleat

    Standard Cast Aluminum Cleat (includes two 1/4"-20NC Stainless Steel Mounting Screws) 6" cleats - 2" Distance between bolt centers 9" cleats (most common size) - 2.75" Distance between bolt centers

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  • Cleat Cover Box Padlock

    Cleat Cover Box

    Choose your Color: Silver (standard), Clear, Bronze, White or Black Choose padlock or cylinder lock Fits pole diameter between 4"-12". Cast Aluminum with stainless steel pins. Design allows for easy installation utilizing the cleat holes to mount the...

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  • Commercial Flagpole Halyard Cover

    Halyard Cover

    A halyard cover is designed to be installed to cover the rope on your flagpole. It extends above a cleat cover box (sold separately) to help prevent vandalism to the rope and the flag. Choose the color to match your flagpole: Silver (standard), Clear,...

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  • Cap Style External Halyard Truck - Side view

    Cap Style Truck - Stationary

    Capstyle Truck for External Halyard Flagpoles Choose your Pole Diameter for your truck: 2", 2-3/8", 2-1/2", 2-3/4", 3", 3-1/4" or 3-1/2" Choose your Color Finish: Silver (standard), Bronze, White or Black Measure the top of your pole, outside diameter...

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  • Rope Assemblies

    Rope Assembly

    Rope Assemblies-Sizing Height of Flagpole 20' 25' 30' 35' 40' Length of Rope 50' 60' 70' 80' 90' These wire center assemblies are typically used in rope style internal halyard flagpoles where a cam cleat has been installed. Includes: Zinc Plated...

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  • Cam Cleat Mounted

    Cam Action Cleat

    Used in rope style internal halyard flagpoles. The mounted version is secured onto a 1.5" x 3-3/8" aluminum block with two #10-32NC stainless steel pan head screws. Both versions are supplied with two #10-32NC stainless steel mounting screws...

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