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A Quick Guide to Outdoor Flagpole Parts and Accessories

24th Oct 2022

A Quick Guide to Outdoor Flagpole Parts and Accessories

We’re all accustomed to seeing flags flying at schools, public buildings, and around the neighborhood. They’re a strong symbol and accentuate whatever building they’re in front of, but there’s much more at work beyond the flag. Read on for a quick guide to outdoor flagpole parts and accessories.

The Pole

The most important part of the flagpole is the pole itself, also known as the shaft. Without a sturdy shaft, your flag would waiver and succumb to the elements, something you do not want to happen. Flagpoles come in different varieties, such as aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and steel, and you must get one that works with your location. For example, if you live in a windy area, you may want something sturdier such as steel, even though it is a pricier option. Consider these factors early so you can get the right flagpole, and you won’t need to look into different ones after you’ve already set yours up.


Depending on your flagpole, it will have an internal or external halyard (the rope running up and down the flagpole). External halyards have a rope tied off at a cleat, and they run up to a pulley system at the truck of the pole. These external halyards are cheaper than internal ones because they are less secure and prone to interference by the weather. However, you can invest in a security lock box to protect the rope against theft and the elements. Internal halyards have a locking door to restrict access; this additional security is more expensive.

Decorative and Functional Accessories

Decorative elements make your flagpole stand out. For example, you can invest in flagpole toppers to give your pole a more cohesive look, or you can invest in flag cords and tassels to give your flag a more regal appearance. If you want your flagpole to shine even at night, you can also install lighting elements.

Function Above All Else

Although decorative elements are important for giving your flagpole a more distinguished look, cohesive feeling, but the flag would be nothing without the accessories that help it function. Depending on the kind of flagpole you have, you may need the following:

  • A flag stand
  • Specific flagpole trucks and pulleys
  • Flag snap hooks
  • Flagpole cleats
  • Flag mounting brackets
  • Flagpole flash collars and ground sleeves

You might not need all of these accessories, but many, like the snap hooks, are critical in keeping your flag flying day in and day out.

This quick guide to outdoor flagpole parts and accessories is all you need to know to get your flagpole set up in your yard or around your building. Of course, you’ll still need to get your flag and flag accessories. No worries because here at Flags USA, we have outdoor flagpole sets to take care of your every need!