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What Size Flag Pole Is Best for Your Business?

7th Nov 2022

If you’ve made the decision to display a flag at your business location, your next question may be what size flag pole is best for your business. The answer depends on your intention in flying a flag (or flags), the size of your building and property, and how much space you have available to position a flagpole.

Why Do You Want To Fly a Flag?

Flying the United States flag at your business is an expression of patriotism and a statement of stability and permanence.

You can display your city flag, or a custom designed corporate banner, along with the US flag, so long as you follow rules in our summary of the requirements of the US Flag Code, plus any local zoning ordinances.

Flags grab attention, so it is important to select the proper size flag and flagpole for your business property. A flag that’s too large and a pole that’s too tall can overwhelm your building and make your business look like a miniature operation: Too small, and it looks like you put up a flag as an afterthought, not as a statement.

Visibility is critical in determining the location for your flag pole. Make sure your flag is visible to drivers and pedestrians approaching your business. Be mindful of obstructions like tree branches and utility wires.

Flag Size and Building Height

For in-ground flagpoles, the height determines the proper size flag to fly. The two factors work together to determine the right ratio for an effective flag display.

Generally speaking, a business flag pole should be at least 20 feet tall. Add five feet of height for each two additional stories of your building. For example, if you have a four-story building, you’d want a 25-foot pole; a six-story building needs a 30-foot pole.

You can determine the size of the flag you should fly on your pole with a simple formula: its width should be approximately 20 percent of the height of the pole. So, if you have a six-story building with a 30-foot pole, you should have a flag that measures six feet wide (and 10 feet long, in standard flag sizes).


Businesses typically display flags with in-ground flagpoles in front of their building. This works well when you have well-maintained grassy area in front of your entrance, or a dedicated space in your parking lot where you can construct a boundary to protect your flagpole’s foundation and enforce a respectful distance so you can raise, lower, and maintain your flag according to proper flag etiquette.

Here at FlagsUSA, we can help you determine the right type and height of flagpole for your business. Contact us today for available options.