Georgia - State Flag (finished with heading and grommets)

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Georgia - State Flag - For Outdoor Use

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Georgia - State Flag - For Outdoor Use

We have this Georgian state flag available in two materials, so, no matter what the weather conditions are in your area, we've got you covered! The standard finishing for outdoor use is with heading and grommets.


  • 100% Made in the USA - This means that our flags are manufactured and assembled here in the USA, with materials made in the USA. Made in the USA has been our guiding principle since Flags USA was established in 1987.
  • Heading and Grommet Style - This flag has a sturdy duck cloth heading and two #2 solid brass grommets.
  • Choice of Nylon or Polyester Material - We offer this flag in two materials. The nylon version is available in more sizes than the polyester version, however. (See below for help deciding which material you should choose.)

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Georgia - Flag Facts

The current Georgia flag was signed into legislation on May 8, 2003, the third design for the state flag in only 27 months. Previous to the Civil War (1861-1865), Georgia had no official state flag. After Georgia seceded, the Georgia’s militia serving outside the state were to be supplied with flags bearing the state’s coat of arms along with the regiment’s name. The flag’s coat of arms were adapted from the arch found in the center of the state seal.

In 1879 a law was introduced to have “every battalion of volunteers” carry an official state flag. The design adopted was strongly influenced by the First National Flag of the Confederate States (the Stars and Bars). The stars were removed and the blue canton on the left was extended to the bottom of the flag. There was no additional seal, coat of arms or writing.

In 1902 the Georgia General Assembly provided that that the coat of arms of the State be added to the blue field. In the 1920’s the entire state seal began to be used in place of the coat of arms. There was no consistency in the design of the seal as there was no official design of the seal.

In 1956 Democratic Party leaders introduced and got approved legislation to change the state flag, substituting the red and white bars on the fly end with the square Confederate battle flag. Over the next 30 years, concern over the Confederate symbol being displayed became an issue that divided the state. Many wanted to return to the pre-1956 flag design.

In 2002, a totally new design which placed the state seal in the center of the flag and placed five historical Georgia flags on a gold ribbon became the new state flag. Governor Roy Barnes secured the votes necessary to pass this legislation before opposition to it could be organized. Supporters of the previous “1956” design were outraged because they were not given an opportunity to vote on the flag’s changes. It is thought that the flag controversy was one of several reasons that Governor Barnes was defeated in the next election.

In 2003 Governor Sonny Perdue intended to end the flag controversy by presenting a referendum to the people of Georgia. However, the Georgia Constitution provides that the General Assembly determines the design of the Georgia’s flag. Compromises were made and a law was passed for a new flag design, similar in design to the First National Flag of the Confederacy (Stars and Bars). The flag consists of 3 horizontal bars (Red/White/Red) of equal height. A blue canton (field) on the top left is square, to the left of the two top stripes. On the blue canton is the Georgia coat of arms in gold with “IN GOD WE TRUST” beneath it. Circling the coat of arms are thirteen 5-pointed stars (representing Georgia and the other twelve states that formed the United States of America).

The bill provided for a non-binding, advisory referendum which allowed the people the people to vote whether they would like to keep the new design or the 2001 design as the official flag of Georgia. The people voted to overwhelmingly to keep the 2003 flag, thereby finally ending the Georgia flag controversy.

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