Minnesota flag finished with heading and grommets

Minnesota State Flag - Outdoor

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MINNESOTA STATE FLAG - OUTDOOR At Flags USA, our Minnesota flags for outdoor use are: 100% MADE IN THE USA—not just assembled in the USA, but manufactured here, too. A dyed design that conforms to official state specifications. Digitally printed on your choice of either 200 denier nylon material or two-ply polyester material. Finished with a strong duck fabric heading and two #2 solid brass grommets.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Ships in one to three business days. SHOULD I CHOOSE NYLON OR POLYESTER MATERIAL FOR MY OUTDOOR FLAG? NYLON - The ideal material for most flag displays. The 200 denier nylon material we use to make our flags is tightly woven so it will fly in the slightest breeze, yet it is strong enough for most weather conditions. Nylon flags are lightweight, dry quickly, and have a rich, lustrous appearance. POLYESTER - A good choice for areas with frequent windy conditions. The two-ply polyester material we use to make our flags has an open weave. The open weave allows wind to flow through the material resulting in a flag that will wear exceptionally well and look great. Polyester flags are ideal for use in areas where windy conditions will cause a nylon flag to deteriorate very quickly. PLEASE NOTE: If you wish your flag display to have a consistent look, we recommend using the same material for all flags displayed together. Not all flags are available in polyester. If one or more of the flags you need is not available, it may be necessary to use nylon flags to achieve a consistent look. MINNESOTA FLAG FACTS The flag of Minnesota was established in 1957. The flag has a royal blue background with the Minnesota state seal in the center. Surrounding the seal are several circles: The outer circle is white with 19 gold stars (positioned to appear like a 5-pointed star), symbolizing that Minnesota was the 19th state to enter the Union after the original 13. (Minnesota was actually the 32nd state to join the Union.) The largest star at the top of the circle represents the North Star and the State of Minnesota The word MINNESOTA appears in red at the bottom The circle inside the white circle has a blue background Within the blue circle are three dates in gold: At the top, 1858 is the year of statehood On the left, printed on a red ribbon is 1819, the year Fort Snelling was established On the right, printed on a red ribbon is 1893,the year the original flag was adopted Intertwined with the ribbons with the dates, are pink and white lady slippers, the state flower The third inner circle is the state seal. At the top of the seal on a ribbon is l’étoile du nord, French for ""the star of the North"" (Minnesota's nickname is the North Star State) The setting sun is in the distance The horizon depicts the flat plains of Minnesota In the upper right are three pine trees, The Indian heritage is portrayed by the Indian on horseback A tree stump indicates the importance of Minnesota’s lumber industry Transportation and industry were dependent upon the Mississippi River and the St. Anthony Falls Agriculture is represented by a farmer plowing the land, his tools, an axe, his rifle and powder horn close by A tree stump indicates the importance of Minnesota’s lumber industry The Minnesota state tree is represented by three pine trees, also signifying the three regions of pine trees in Minnesota: St. Croix, Mississippi, and Lake Superior                                     DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? At Flags USA, we've been selling flags and flag accessories for over thirty years so, if you have a question, we probably have an answer. Give us a call at 866-879-1776.

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