North Carolina State Flags

The North Carolina state flag was revised in 1885 when the background became a blue vertical stripe at the hoist, and two horizontal stripes, red over white. In the blue stripe a white star separates the letters N and C. Two scrolls with dates appear over and under the letters NC. The scroll above contains the date " May 20, 1775" signifying the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Local folklore states that the residents of Mecklenburg County were the first in the country to proclaim their independence from England. The date below is that of the Halifax Resolves, April 12, 1776. The Halifax Resolves stated that the colony leaders would meet to establish independence and to organize themselves into a nation.

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  • North Carolina - State Flag (finished with heading and grommets)

    North Carolina - State Flag - For Outdoor Use

    North Carolina - State Flag - For Outdoor Use We have this North Carolinian state flag available in two materials, so, no matter what the weather conditions are in your area, we've got you covered! The standard finishing for outdoor use is with heading...

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  • North Carolina flag with pole sleeve and fringe

    North Carolina - State Flag with Fringe - For Indoor Use

    North Carolina - State Flag with Fringe - For Indoor and Ceremonial Use This North Carolinian state flag comes with a pole sleeve, which is designed to slip over the flagpole on which it is displayed. It is also finished with a lovely gold fringe trim,...

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