Polyester American Flags

The two-ply material we use to make our polyester flags has an open weave. The open weave allows wind to flow through the material resulting in a flag that will wear exceptionally well and look great. Polyester flags are ideal for use in areas where windy conditions will cause a nylon flag to deteriorate very quickly.

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  • Reinforced Polyester American Flag

    American Flag - Reinforced Polyester - For Outdoor Use

    Includes a Standard Polyester American Flag with the additional reinforcing to the fly end Corner patches, additional webbing and vertical zig-zag stitching added to the fly end to prolong the life of the larger flags Polyester is ideal for...

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  • Polyester American Flag

    American Flag - Standard Polyester - For Outdoor Use

    STANDARD POLYESTER AMERICAN FLAGSizes in stock:  3x5', 4x6', 5x8', 6x10', 8x12', 10x15', 10x19', 12x18', 20x30', 20x38'All other sizes are out of stock including 5x9.5', 15x25' and larger sizes At Flags USA, our standard polyester American...

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  • Tough-Tex American Flag

    American Flag - Tough-Tex Polyester - For Outdoor Use

    TOUGH-TEX POLYESTER AMERICAN FLAGSizes in stock: 3x5, 4x6', 5x8', 6x10', 8x12', 10x15', 10x19', 12x18', 20x38', 30x60'Out of Stock: 15x25', 20x30', 30x50' At Flags USA, our Tough-Tex polyester American flags: Are not only durable but are also the...

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