Tennessee State Flags

The Tennessee state flag was a hundred years in the making. Captain LeRoy Reeves, a soldier from the Third Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry designed the flag in the late 1890s. Three white stars in blue circle outlined in white represent the three regions of Tennessee. Two vertical stripes, a thin white stripe and a thicker blue one at the fly end break up the crimson field.

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  • Tennessee - State Flag (finished with heading and grommets)

    Tennessee - State Flag - For Outdoor Use

    TENNESSEE - STATE FLAG - FOR OUTDOOR USEThis Tennessean flag is designed to securely attach to a flagpole and meet the demands of outdoor use.SPECIFICATIONS100% MADE IN THE USA - This means that our flags are manufactured and assembled here in the USA,...

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  • Tennessee flag with pole sleeve and fringe

    Tennessee - State Flag with Fringe - For Indoor Use

    TENNESSEE - STATE FLAG WITH FRINGE - FOR INDOOR USEThis Tennessean flag has decorative fringe added to the outer edge. The fringe adds a note of elegance to presentations and ceremonies. Fringed flags are often used for flag displays in auditoriums,...

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