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Texas flag finished with heading and grommets

Texas State Flag - Outdoor

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At Flags USA, our Texas flags for outdoor use are:

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA—not just assembled in the USA, but manufactured here, too.
  • A dyed design that conforms to official state specifications.
  • Digitally printed on your choice of either 200 denier nylon material or two-ply polyester material.
  • Finished with a strong duck fabric heading and two #2 solid brass grommets. 
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Ships in one to three business days.

NYLON - The ideal material for most flag displays. The 200 denier nylon material we use to make our flags is tightly woven so it will fly in the slightest breeze, yet it is strong enough for most weather conditions. Nylon flags are lightweight, dry quickly, and have a rich, lustrous appearance.

POLYESTER - A good choice for areas with frequent windy conditions. The two-ply polyester material we use to make our flags has an open weave. The open weave allows wind to flow through the material resulting in a flag that will wear exceptionally well and look great. Polyester flags are ideal for use in areas where windy conditions will cause a nylon flag to deteriorate very quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish your flag display to have a consistent look, we recommend using the same material for all flags displayed together. Not all flags are available in polyester. If one or more of the flags you need is not available, it may be necessary to use nylon flags to achieve a consistent look.


The Texas state flag consists of a rectangle on the hoist (left) side with a width to length ratio of two to three containing

  • STRIPES: a blue vertical stripe (“Old Glory Blue” Pantone 281) is one-third the entire length of the flag width, with two equal horizontal stripes, the upper stripe white, the lower red (“Old Glory Red” Pantone 193), each two-thirds the entire length of the flag long
  • STAR: One white, five-pointed star in the center of the blue stripe, oriented so that one point faces upward and of such a size that the diameter of a circle passing through the five points of the star is equal to three-fourths the width of the blue stripe.
  • COLORS: The red, white, and blue of the state flag represent, respectively, bravery, purity, and loyalty.

There have been six flags flown over Texas over the course of its history:

  1. Spain (1519-1821) Spain’s flag was the first to claim Texas in 1519 by Spanish map makers and explorers.
  2. France (1684-1689) the flag of France was flown over Texas from 1684-1689. Rene Robert LaSalle (a French nobleman), hoping to start a settlement in the Louisiana Territory, instead landed with 150 people on the Texas Gulf Coast. Life was difficult and by 1687, about 40 people survived. LaSalle left for reinforcements but was killed on his trip. The remaining few were killed in 1689 by the Karankawa Indians.
  3. Mexico (1821-1836) Mexico gained its independence from Spain and the region of Texas became a part of Mexico. The newly established Mexican government allowed Americans to claim land and settle in Texas. This increase in population dramatically reduced the percentage of those of Mexican descent. The relationship between Texians (the term used by Texas colonists for all the people of the Republic of Texas before it became a U.S. state) and the Mexican government deteriorated. Shortly after Santa Anna was elected president of Mexico in 1832, he sent troops into Texas to enforce martial law. Texas won its independence from Mexico after winning the Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836.
  4. Republic of Texas (1836-1845 the fourth flag belonged to the Republic of Texas. During its nearly ten years of independence, the newly formed Texas Republic was unable to defend itself from further incursions by Mexican troops, financial crises and epidemics. The Republic of Texas and eventually negotiated with the U.S. to join the union in 1845.
  5. U.S. Flag (1845-1861 and 1865-present) Old glory was the fifth flag to fly over Texas. The U.S. government assumed all national debt that Texas accrued. In exchange, the U.S. received a vast amount of land that became part of several other states, including New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming.
  6. Confederate States of America (1861-1865) Texas joined the rest of the southern states in seceding from the Union and forming the Confederate States of America.  After a brutal and bloody Civil War that saw more American deaths than any war before or since with over 600,000 casualties.





At Flags USA, we've been selling flags and flag accessories for over thirty years so, if you have a question, we probably have an answer. Give us a call at 866-879-1776.

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